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Audio Record Wizard 7.21

It can record computer sounds, voice or a combination of them
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Audio Record Wizard can record computer sounds and human voice using internal or external microphones or any other audio device. The tool has a nice straightforward interface, so you can use its basic features with very little initial intervention. Besides, there’s an optional tutorial that, with just a few tips, helps you start right away.

Most of the advantages of this tool are derived from its voice-recording features. In my opinion, the most valuable of them is the availability of a noise-suppression mode, which is very effective in reducing collateral sounds that usually hamper the intelligibility of human speech during a live recording. Another helpful feature is Auto Gain, which automatically adjusts the microphone gain level. Moreover, the voice activation feature can detect input level to start or pause recording in accordance with the configured silence threshold level, which may be crucial in saving the storage space.

There are various ways to start recording, where clicking on the Record button is the simplest. Fortunately, you can schedule automatic recordings at a given time and with a specific frequency. However, there are limitations as to scheduling specific days of the week or dates. Last but not least, you can control the program by using hotkeys or from the command line.

The recordings can be saved in most popular sound formats, such as MP3, OGG, WAV and FLAC, and you can also configure additional parameters that influence sound quality. Luckily, you can set limitations as to maximum recorded time and file size. Moreover, you can have the program start recording a new file when those limits are reached.

In general, Audio Record Wizard can replace Windows Sound Recorder as it is definitely richer in features. It even supports some basic editing that includes trimming and converting to another format.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy to use
  • Supports basic editing
  • Can suppress noise from voice recordings
  • Can detect silence
  • Can be used from the command line
  • Supports scheduling recordings


  • It has some scheduling limitations
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